Writing Samples

Below are some samples of my writing, featured in Scientific American, Slate, Vice, The Daily Beast, Insider, Grist, Washington City Paper, The Middletown Press, Poynter, The Wesleyan Argus, and more.

  1. Science
  2. Internet Culture
  3. Human Interest
  4. Washington D.C.
  5. Personal Essays/Opinions


Vaccine Makers Are Preparing for Bird Flu

Scientists Discover Mountain Is Really an Ancient Cosmic Observatory

Wild Thermal Camouflage Jacket Could Be Key Part of an Invisibility Cloak

A Guide to All the (Technically) Legal Cannabinoids You Can Buy Right Now

The Dangers—and Surprising Pleasures—of Being Born Without Smell

Do Vending Machines Really Kill More Americans Than Sharks Every Year?

Why Is It Always the Weird Animals That Are Named After Celebrities?

A Legal-ish Way to Get Stoned Is on the Rise. Is It Legit?

Telluride Science Presents: Guy Weinberg and John Lamar

Telluride Science Presents: Anna Marie Pyle

Internet Culture

The Middle-Aged Women Who Really, Really Love Minions Explain Themselves

Euphoria has turned the internet into one wild watch party

The Day Brands Became Swifties on Twitter

How ‘WandaVision’ Star Randall Park Became a Gen Z TikTok Obsession

Human Interest

Dating While Journalist

What a Mass Shooting Does to a Town After the Cameras Leave

Move over, #VanLife: TikTok influencers who live in their cars say they can still cook, shower and do it all while traveling the US

Meet the Girl Who Is Visiting Every Museum in New York City

He went viral on Twitter for his park cleanup. He’s still going strong.

Dallas Goldtooth on the liberation of laughter and the power of joy in organizing

Washington D.C.

Taxation Without Genuine Film Representation

The Smithsonian Craft Show Goes Green in “Craft Optimism”

King’s Ransom + The Handover In Alexandria Celebrate a First Year Like No Other

Why Washington D.C. Statehood is a Racial Justice Issue

Personal Essays/Opinions

Finding Jewish Sites Made My Solo Travel Less Lonely

I Taught Elderly People How to Avoid Internet Scams. Then I Fell for the Oldest Trick in the Book.

Do I Really Need to Come to the Office?

Student journalists just want their credit

Journalism at small liberal arts colleges shouldn’t be inaccessible

From “Harry Potter” to “How I Met Your Mother”: Reflections on My Childhood Comforts

How it Felt When My Camp Closed for The Summer

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